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Succeed! S Caps - Electrolyte Caps

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Succeed! S Caps - Electrolyte Caps (Vegetarian)
RunJunk: $16.95

S! Caps easy-to-carry capsules provide: 100 capsules per bottle

* Alleviation of cramping
* Buffers to help stabilize the stomach
* Protection against potentially fatal hyponatremia
* Sodium and potassium in effective amounts
* Phosphate and citrate for energy production
* S! Caps is the ONLY electrolyte product that delivers the correct ratio of electrolytes (cations and anions)
* 341mg Sodium & 21mg Potassium
* Size 0 *for SaltStick dispenser applications

Developed in 1995, SUCCEED! Electrolyte Caps have become The Gold Standard for Electrolyte Replacement. Of course, others have tried to imitate this formulation, but have failed to deliver a product as good as S! Caps. S! Caps are 100% electrolytes. Beware of imitations that use ineffective, non-electrolyte fillers such as the carbohydrate maltodextrin. Electrolyte supplementation is primarily about sodium replacement, and S! Caps deliver more for your money than any other supplement. Don't waste your money on imitations that supply less than half the sodium of S! Caps and will let you down when the heat is on.Nutrition Facts labels normally list sodium content as the element, but some products have misleading labels that express the sodium content as sodium chloride ( table salt ). This leads the unexpected reader to think that they are getting more sodium because the numbers are large.The S! Caps label lists sodium as the element, 341 mg per capsule. If you want to compare to other products that list the sodium as sodium chloride, S! Caps supply 867 mg of sodium as sodium chloride. We encourage you to read labels so that you understand why S! Caps are the superior electrolyte supplement. See our Integrated Solution page to see why we don't load up our formulations with the "kitchen sink" list of ingredients that are present in quantities too small to have any real effect.

I set my alarm for every hour at Barkley and took one capsule for 58 straight hours." Dr. David Horton Heavy sweating during athletic performance lasting for many hours can cause loss of critical electrolytes from blood plasma. Moderate loss of electrolytes can degrade performance, while heavy losses can lead to hyponatremia ( low blood sodium ) that can cause collapse and death in extreme cases. Sports drinks can provide adequate sodium input for a few hours of exercise, but are insufficient over longer periods. Energy bars and gels are low in sodium and should be supplemented with electrolytes. SUCCEED! BUFFER/ELECTROLYTE CAPS provide electrolytes that are commonly found in blood plasma, in the proper proportions for hours of exercise. When taken with sufficient water, they help the body maintain a good hydration status, which allows performance at a high level. As we claimed back in 1995 before others had even thought about electrolyte replacement in endurance events: they also contain a chemical buffering system that neutralizes the acids formed during heavy exercise. Neutralization of excess acid will help performance and reduce the nausea associated with exercise in the heat. Maintenance of proper electrolyte levels will reduce swelling of hands and feet after many hours of exercise, and that will reduce "hot spots" and blisters on the feet.

Directions for use Always take with water or sports drink. If taken with no fluid, the result can be temporary stomach queasiness. The electrolytes in SUCCEED! BUFFER/ELECTROLYTE CAPS will help water empty rapidly from the stomach, improving hydration status. They will dissolve in minutes after being swallowed. If sweating very heavily, use 2 caps per hour. For moderate sweating, use 1 cap per hour. In cool weather or with very light sweating, use 1 cap per 2 hours. If you expect to be sweating heavily, take one capsule with at least a cup of water before starting your run. More is not always better! There will not be significant benefit in exceeding these amounts. Store in a dry location.

*Vegetarian - Capsule is made of Cellulose and not Gelatin

Manufacturer: SUCCEED!
Manufacturer Part No: A-5523

Product Reviews

(12 Ratings, 10 Reviews) Average Rating:
No Cramps!
Bob Jasinski (Cincinnati, OH) 9/24/2012 7:10 PM
These are the best pills for cramp-prevention. For endurance runs (marathons to 100 milers), I take 1 S-Cap per hour and one 250mg Magnesium tablet every 2 hours. Keeps electrolytes in balance and no cramping. When sweating heavily, I increase the dose a bit per directions, up to 2 S-Caps per hour. RunJunk has excellent pricing and fast delivery. Only place I buy my S-Caps.
I'm a believer in S! Caps!
Darcy Lallathin (LaRue, OH) 9/24/2012 12:49 PM
I used to think that sports drink and gels gave me everything I needed to run marathons and ultras. I also thought that muscle cramping and the dreaded "dizzy shakes" were just part of the game, until a kind soul took pity on me during a hot trail race. He gave me a few S! Caps along with a brief education about electrolytes and I have been using them ever since. Now I take one S! Cap per hour (more if it's a hot day) on any run lasting more than 2 hours. They make a world of difference! As long as I remember to take them on schedule (setting my watch to beep every hour helps) I no longer have those issues. I have tried other brands but they do not contain as much sodium or potassium and 1 or 2 per hour just won't get it done for me. Now that I am running longer races (two 100 milers under my belt) I prefer to rely less on gels and sports drink (since they will eventually turn my stomach sour) and more on water, S! Caps, and "real food". My tummy is much happier this way so I will stick with S! Caps from now on.
Succeed! S Caps - Electrolyte Caps
Matthew Mire (Lafayette, LA) 9/24/2012 12:08 PM
I am training for my first marathon and started using these. I have never used electrolyte supplements when running but I find it really helps when doing longer distances. Overall, they do the job and they are inexpensive.
Michelle Teggatz (Sachse, TX) 9/24/2012 11:51 AM
This is an awesome electrolyte supplement. In the past I have used salt packets that you rip open to consume. I would end up getting more ON me than IN me! Since I found the S!CAPS as my electrolyte replacement, I no longer get migraine headaches after my long run. I would sweat out so much sodium and get so dehydrated that it never mattered how much water I was drinking; I needed the sodium! There is not much information about lack of sodium causing migraine headaches so I was so glad to figure out this was my problem. I have not tried any other Succeed products as of yet but I will definitely check them out. This product is a life saver for me and I highly recommend it! I will be buying more before I run out; I don't want to be without this product EVER!
Best Electrolytes On The Market
Kay Heil (Baton Rouge, LA) 9/24/2012 11:51 AM
I suffer from heat related headaches that border migraine intensity. I have tried several other electrolyte supplements but nothing compares to Succeed S!Caps. Normally on a 2 hour bike ride I would take approximately 16 electrolytes but with S!caps I only take a total of 4 and have no headache symptoms at all & they do not upset my stomach. The price is very reasonable considering fewer tablets consumed. Try them . . . you won't be disappointed.

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